Joanna Merlin with the 2016 Teacher Training Certificate recipients

Joanna Merlin with the 2016 Teacher Training Certificate recipients


To be awarded a Certificate of Completion you must:

~ Attend a minimum of 5 workshops: 2 Teacher Training (Basic or Advanced) and 3 International workshops. 

~ Teachers who wish to be awarded a certificate of completion from MICHA may do so at their own pace and with the guidance of any MICHA faculty member present at a given workshop.

~ Previous experience in the Chekhov technique is not required in order to attend your first workshop with MICHA. The only workshop requiring an application process is our Advanced Teacher Training workshop. All other workshops have open enrollment. If you require a letter of invitation in order to attend one of our workshops email: inquiries (at) michaelchekhov.org  a short biography with a description of your interest in the Chekhov work. Please include your full name along with the name and address of your school or university.

A little more about our Certificate of Completion:

Inspired by Michael Chekhov’s generosity and insights into the art of acting, at MICHA we believe that Chekhov’s acting technique belongs to those who commit to study it and endeavor to practice and develop it. Our main concern in offering a Certificate of Completion is that teacher participants have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Chekhov’s technique so that they may return to their classroom and incorporate what they have learned before returning again to share with the MICHA community. We seek to support, to inspire, and to provide a community of ones peers in the common study of Chekhov’s technique. We feel that time is an essential part of the process — both time with MICHA, and time away from MICHA. We support your efforts to accept, reject, digest, adapt and apply the work in your own field. Year after year we delight in the myriad approaches that teacher participants take to meet this challenge. Some elect to make offerings during MICHA events such as teaching demonstration classes, convening a session during our Theater of the Future open space, or performing in the summer Festival. Others have collaborated outside of MICHA by creating panels at academic conferences, publishing articles, writing books, inviting one another to guest direct/perform etc. In this way MICHA acts as a home base and the fertile ground for collaboration and exploration.

Your unique circumstances may necessitate that you take longer than 3 years to complete the 5 workshops to earn your certificate. This is fine. In fact, many earn the certificate and continue to attend workshops.