Streamable Classes:

Session 1 - Waking up the Instrument
Session 2 - The Four Brothers
Session 3 - Expanding & Contracting    
Session 4 - Qualities of Movement I
Session 5 - Qualities of Movement II
Session 6 - Radiating and Receiving      
Session 7 - Psychological Gesture
Session 8 - Imaginary Centers  
Session 9 - Sensations
Session 10 - Imaginary Body
Session 11 - Atmosphere
Session 12 - Ghost Exercise
Session 13 - Remembering Michael Chekhov


MICHA’s Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov Technique DVD series brings the essential elements of Michael Chekhov’s technique to life in a way that is clear, engaging, practical, and dynamic. A training tool for teachers, students, actors, and directors, the series was funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. It features classes with many of the world’s leading practitioners and teachers. Included in the series is a panel discussion with Michael Chekhov’s students Jack Colvin, Joanna Merlin and Mala Powers.

The 12 classes can be purchased individually via online streaming. Streaming links expire 24 hours after purchase. A discounted bundle for all classes is also available, with streaming links available for 72 hours.