International Workshop and Festival

REGISTRATION is now OPEN for our 2018 Workshops Events! Read below for more information, and Click HERE to REGISTER NOW!

MICHA is excited to announce that beginning in 2018 all of our workshop programming will take place in the summer. This means you can opt to spend one or two full weeks with MICHA!  See below for details, *faculty and fees.

LOCATION/HOST: Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut

NOTE Regarding Fees: if you register and select a session in BOTH Weeks 1 & 2, you only have to pay the $100 non-refundable deposit place holder once, which means you automatically receive a $100 reduction on overall cost.

WEEK 1 – June 17-24, 2018 International Workshop and Festival.                                                                                     —Fees: $1,100 + $100 non-refundable deposit place holder;  includes all dining hall meals.  Includes optional 1-day only June 23rd Theatre of the Future/Open Space facilitated event.  Early bird discount of $50 if registered by Dec. 15!

WEEK 1 – June 17-24, The PAUSE – A retreat option for returning MICHA members, self-organized by its own participants; requires purchase of a 2018 membership.                                                                                                                                                             Fees: $400 + $100 non-refundable deposit place holder;  includes all dining hall meals.  Includes optional 1-day only June 23rd Theatre of the Future/Open Space facilitated event.   (The Pause is ALSO offered in Week 2 for the same fee)

Week 1 *Faculty includes: Joerg Andrees, Dawn Arnold, Scott Fielding, Craig Mathers, John McManus, Joanna Merlin, and David Zinder

June 23 – Theatre of the Future/Open Space – one day only, facilitated by: Ragnar Freidank

WEEK 2 – June 24-29, 2018 Application of the Technique – Teacher Training Workshops  (Basic and Advanced) and Labs.               –Fees: $875 + $100 non-refundable deposit place holder; includes all dining hall meals. Early bird discount of $50 if registered by Dec. 15!  Additional 1-day only June 23rd Theatre of the Future/Open Space facilitated event is free to attend in Week 2, however on-campus housing for June 23 is an additional $50.

Week 2 *Faculty includes: Joerg Andrees, Dawn Arnold, Joanna Merlin, Lenard Petit, Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan

*Faculty are subject to change as needed.

If you choose to enroll in Week 2, you can choose from Basic and Advanced Teacher Training workshops or elect to participate in our new Director and Scholar Labs.

Advanced Teacher Training Workshop requires an application.  If you are interested in applying, please send an email to Rebecca Rich ( and she will respond with more information.  If you want to attend the Teacher Training workshop as a participant, regardless of acceptance into the Advanced workshop, we strongly encourage you to register (with non-refundable deposit) for the Basic workshop as soon as registration opens in November. The cost of the workshops is identical. Our Teacher Training workshops tend to fill to capacity. If you are accepted into the Advanced workshop, we will gladly edit your registration details to reflect the change.

As always, returning attendees with a 2018 membership can enroll in ‘The Pause’ and enjoy a retreat supported by the MICHA community and archive in either or both Weeks 1 & 2.

WEEK 2 – June 24-29, The LAB – As a participant in the LAB, each day you will choose where to you spend your time from the three labs:

The Scholar’s Lab with Kristi
Subject: Michael Chekhov Technique and the Miller Voice Method
Description: Miller Voice Method is an acting technique by way of the voice that is athletic, movement based and integrative.  The focus of the research and instruction will be on the integration of the Michael Chekhov Technique and the Miller Voice Method (MVM) in actor training as a means to assist the performer in greater access to psychophysical impulses while simultaneously releasing maximum information and authenticity through their sound.  Some grounding questions include: If MVM’s “Active Breath” is trained and consciously employed during the Michael Chekhov exercises, what possibilities will open up in the acts of radiating and receiving, in the access to imagination/images and to the expressivity of sound that is released? Vice versa – what can be discovered when the Michael Chekhov concepts and exercises are layered in during fundamental Miller Voice Method work?  For more information about Kristi, see “More Details” below.

The Director’s Lab with Megan
Subject: Memory – An Interdisciplinary Dialogue Between Past and Present
Description: Actors will be using the Michael Chekhov Technique, and other physical theatre techniques, as we create work that merges live performance with film.  This lab is a part of a larger ongoing project that is focused on memory, and will be concentrated on research and development of new work.  Justin Bull, a filmmaker and screenwriter, will collaborate with Megan and the participants. For more information about Megan, see “More Details” below.

The ATT Student Responder Lab Participants in the Advanced Teacher Training will present 45minute classes. As a LAB student, you have the opportunity to take part in these classes as students, and/or observe or participate in the feedback sessions.

Attendance as a LAB participant does NOT count towards MICHA’s Certificate of Completion.                                      —Fees: $400 + $100 non-refundable deposit place holder;  includes all dining hall meals.  Includes optional 1-day only June 23rd Theatre of the Future/Open Space facilitated event.  Early bird discount of $50 if registered by Dec. 15!

MICHA’s Zelda Fichandler Scholarship for NYU Acting Program Alumni: interested NYU Alumni are invited to apply and should contact for information on how to apply.  To read more about this scholarship, see HERE.

MICHA’s Work-Study Scholarships: a limited number of work-study scholarships may be available.  All are invited to apply.  Application deadline February 1, 2017.

Workshop participants are professional actors, teachers, directors and choreographers. Committed students of performing arts may attend on the recommendation of a faculty member. Previous experience in the Chekhov Technique is not necessary in order to attend; typically, participants are split into three to four groups based on experience. A typical day begins with a warm-up followed by a morning and afternoon class. Evening events, such as performances and lectures, are sometimes scheduled. 

All workshop schedule details TBA. (For reference only: last year, arrivals for dormitory check-in were 1pm-3:30pm, our Opening Meeting for Week 1 participants began at 4pm, followed by dinner in the dining hall).

Fee for Housing in the Connecticut College dormitory is $50 per night. 

More information and details will be available soon; notice will be posted on this webpage, communicated to all on our mailing list through email, and posted on our Facebook group page.

Connecticut College dormitory rooms are clean and spartan with a single bed and are inclusive of sheets, pillow, light blanket and bath towels.  The rooms share communal bathrooms in the main hallway. Participants often choose to bring an additional blanket and a few other comforts from home to enhance the spartan environment.

If you elect to stay off-campus, there are many hotels in the New London area, many of which include free breakfast. We recommend a car or taxi to travel to campus.  Because of other events/conferences in the New London/Mystic area during our Workshop, we recommend you book accommodations asap.

Nearby hotels, 1-3 miles from Connecticut College campus.
Holiday Inn, New London 860 443-7000 35 Governor Winthrop Blvd. A newly renovated hotel located in downtown New London, 2.5miles from campus; restaurant onsite.
Marriott Spring Hill Suites 401 N Frontage Road 860 439-0151. A newly built hotel located 1.5miles from campus with suites available for sharing a room; free breakfast included.
Clarion Inn,  269  N Frontage Road 866 460-7456. The Clarion Inn is 1+mile from campus (but not walkable) – it is walking distance to a grocery store and chain restaurants.


Peter Pan/Greyhoud Bus and Amtrak Train services New London with regular arrivals from NYC and Boston.

The nearest airport is Groton/New London Airport (10 minutes).

Providence Rhode Island Airport is approximately 1 hour away and has access to Amtrak train service that will take you to New London.

Hartford/Springfield airport is 1 hour away but if you are not renting a car it is difficult to get to New London.

If you fly into Boston (1.75 hours away) you can also connect to an Amtrak train that will take you to New London.

If you fly into New York City or Newark (3+ hours away) you can eventually connect to an Amtrak train that can take you to New London.