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MICHA’s online video library can be accessed for free. Here you can see video related to Michael Chekhov and MICHA.


“Vision in Motion” MICHA Workshop at SummerArts, by Jose Hernandez

Video about MICHA’s 2-Week-Workshop at CalState’s SummerArts Program in Monterey, CA. With: Claire Ando, Michael Ashby, Brian Avant, Bruce Avery, Samantha Avila, Ethan Barrales, Amandla Bearden, Anh Tai Bercher, Christopher Berg, Amber Brice, Emily Bruning, Becka Cole, Vanessa Cortez, Stephen Diaz, Christine Dillard, Kevin Djepang, Brianna Dodson, Evan Favela, Isabella Gadsby-Connick, Melvin Hampton, Robert Hart, Anthony Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Asialani Holman, Kassie Howard, Regina Lewis, Augusta Mariano, Emanuel Morales, Kenneth Nauta Jr., Lana Palmer, Hilda Stacey Patino, Rafael Piazza, Alexis Pokorny, Moriah Quinn, Max Seijas, Tiffany Smith, Jarret Spiler, Robert Wang, Lena White. Teaching Team: Jessica Cerullo, Joanna Merlin, Camille Litalien, Hugh O’ Gorman, Séamus Maynard, Craig Mathers, Ragnar Freidank.


“Everyone has Two Hearts” Michael Chekhov discusses Rudolf Steiner

In 2015 MICHA honored Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan for their ongoing research of Michael Chekhov’s technique. In this video Jessica Cerullo honors Ted and Fern’s efforts by sharing a lecture that Chekhov gave about the artist who discovers their tempo and activity. In the lecture Chekhov describes what Steiner referred to as the “etheric heart”.

MICHA’s Theater of the Future

Ragnar Freidank and Jessica Cerullo talk about Open Space and MICHA’s annual Theater of the Future event. This video features footage from the June 2015 gathering at the arboretum on the campus of Connecticut College.

You Want To Live In It

A 25-minute film-portrait by Ragnar Freidank: Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan are speaking about Michael Chekhov, the founding of their company ‘The Actors’ Ensemble’ almost 30 years ago and visions for the future.


A Found Family

Short film documenting MICHA’s 2-week residency at CalState’s SummerArts 2014, featuring a class by Jessica Cerullo. Camera: Alex Godinez, Edit: Jordan Rodriquez & Ragnar Freidank


We Need To Be Heroes

On the occasion of MICHA’s presence in Monterey at California State University’s Summer Arts program, Fern Sloan reads Michael Chekhov’s unpublished words about the unashamed actor.

Fern & Ted Talk

Teacher Participants at MICHA’s 2014 Advanced Teacher Training posed questions to Ted and Fern. In these short video clips the questions are examined and in some cases answered.

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Trace of Michael Chekhov

This excerpt from the Russian Documentary TV series “Color of Time” (Episode 13) follows MICHA president, Joanna Merlin, as she journeys through Moscow where she was honored with the Michael Chekhov Award in 2008. Rare footage of Michael Chekhov appears in this Russian language film. A Civilization production 2009: Written and Directed by Alexei Burykin. Shared here courtesy of the director. 7:31 minutes

Theater of the Future, Open Space
MICHA’s 2012 Theater of the Future invitation and a look back at our 2011 Theater of the Future gathering at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. 4:58 minutes

Following Michael Chekhov
A look into MICHA’s 2010 International Workshop and the Michael Chekhov archive at the University of Windsor, Canada. 6:23 minutes

Advanced Teacher Training Workshop, 2012

A slide show from our 2012 workshop featuring Gretchen Egolf, David Ingram, James Luse, Sue Berkompas, Claire Larsen, Bethany Caputo, Deborah Robertson, Deb Keller, Trish Hawkins, Fern Sloan, Ted Pugh, Joanna Merlin, Jessica Cerullo and Ragnar Freidank. 3:38 minutes

Andrei Malaev-Babel discusses Yevgeny Vakhtangov
Recorded at NYC’s Drama Bookshop in June 2011. Jessica Cerullo, interviews author and scholar, Andrei Malaev-Babel, about The Vakhtangov Sourcebook. Audio recording with still photos from the book and Drama Bookshop event. 57:24 minutes

Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov Technique, short trailer
2:17 minutes

Master Classes in the Michael Chekhov Technique, long trailer
12:16 minutes

Beautiful Hills of Brooklyn, trailer
Presented by MICHA, this award-winning film stars MICHA president, Joanna Merlin and is directed by MICHA faculty member Ragnar Freidank. 1:25 minutes