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View CURRENT MICHA Summer News 2017

Change with MICHA – 2018 Workshop Dates & Info
Lessons for Teachers Update
MICHA Survey Results
MICHA Faculty Peformance
MICHA 2017 Workshops, Events & News
and much more!


View MICHA News 2016

From the President
MICHA publishes Michael Chekhov’s Lessons for Teachers
Inaugural Michael Chekhov Scholar Connie Rotunda
MICHA’s new Chekhov Studio Scholarships
Saying Goodbye to MICHA board member Zelda Fichandler
MICHA’s 2016 Open Space and Summer Conference
Faculty News,
and much more!


View MICHA News 2015

From the President
MICHA – Summer 2015 at Connecticut College
MICHA’s 2015 Open Space: Theater of the Future
Honoring Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan
From the MICHA Community
Saying Goodbye to Marina Ivanova
New Book Publications
Faculty News,
and much more!


Download MICHA News 2014-2015

From the President
Staff Expansion
Chekhov at Cal State Summer Arts
The Pause & Back to the Future
In Memoriam – Marian Seldes
Workshops to Working – The Seagull with Rena Polley
New Chekhov School
Publications: Maria Cominis and Dawn Langman
Faculty News and much more!


Download MICHA News 2013-2014

From the President
Mary Jo Romeo joins the board
Michael Chekhov’s Folktale publication
MICHA and CSU Summer Arts
Developing as a Director
Chekhov and Shakespeare
Joanna Merlin speaks to leadership of SETC
Summer in New London, CT at Connecticut College
Chekhov around the world
2014 Workshop schedule

Download MICHA News 2012-2013
From the President
Expanding Online
Phelim McDermott joins the board of directors
2012 Teacher Training
Summer in Southampton
Theater of the Future and Devoted and Disgruntled
Chekhov around the world
Publications: Vakhtangov and a folk tale by Chekhov
MICHA partners with Stony Brook Southampton Arts
2013 Workshop schedule


>> Download MICHA News 2011-2012
From the President
Faculty News
Theater of the Future
California State University Summer Arts Round-up
More Effective Feedback: a look into the Teacher Training Workshop
Publications: Vakhtangov in English, Chekhov in Russian
2011 Workshop Participants
2012 Workshop Notice: MICHA and Southampton Arts

>> Download MICHA News 2010-2011
From the President
MICHA’s 2010 World News Round-up
The Open Space
Borderline by Hugo Moss
Teacher Certification Statement
Faculty News
Michael Chekhov Archives
Theater of the Future
2010 Workshop Participants
2011 Workshop Notice

>> Download MICHA News – 2009-2010

From the President
Beginner’s Mind by Paula Bennett
A Director’s View by Scott Burrell
Faculty News
MICHA’s First Book
Summer 2009 Workshop Participants
Other 2009 Workshop Participants
Summer 2010 Workshop Announcement

>> Download MICHA News – 2008-2009

From the President and Managing Director
Honoring an Emigre by Jessica Cerullo
Strung Upon an Image, International Workshop in Toronto, by Nick Gabriel
Blank Page and Happy Accidents, Jonathan Phillips interviews Ragnar Freidank
Fantastic Realism and the Friendship of and Vakhtangov and Chekhov by Lyudmilla Kizer
2008 Workshop Participants
2009 Workshops and Events

>> Download MICHA News – 2007-2008

From the President & Managing Director
Room for Many Views, International Workshop in Amherst by Maria Cominis
Actors & Directors: a Dynamic Exploration by John Capalbo and Sayda Trujillo
Chekhov Returns to Paris by Joanna Merlin
Remembering Mala Powers and Deirdre Hurst du Prey
Workshop Participants
2008 Workshops & Events

>> Download MICHA News – 2006-2007

From the President
MICHA’s Workshops-Our year in review by Jessica Cerullo
Michael Chekhov at ATHE 2006 by Cathy Albers
MICHA joins Summer Arts 2006 by Hugh O’Gorman
Tribute to Jack Colvin
A synthesis of the Williamson and Chekhov Technique by Deborah Robertson
The Objective and the Psychological Gesture by Lenard Petit
Michael Chekhov and Anthroposophy by Liisa Byckling
The Path of a Character: Michael Chekhov’s Inspired Acting and Theater Semiotics –
A review by Douglas Davidson
MICHA Workshop Participants
Join Friends of MICHA
2007 Workshops and Events

>> Download MICHA News – 2005-2006
Michael Chekhov Master Classes on DVD: A first Look ~ By Douglas Davidson
Sensation is the Open Door to an Actor’s feelings ~ By Lenard Petit
From the International Workshop and Festival 2005
At Home with Chekhov ~ By Liz Shipman
From London to Los Angles – Celebrating Chekhov ~ By Mala Powers
Why Micha Works on a Personal Level ~ By Tom Provenzano

>> Download MICHA News – Fall 2004-2005
A View from a Croatian Hilltop ~ By Dawn Arnold
Teacher Workshop in Spencertown, NY 2004 ~ By Hugh O’Gorman
New York City June Intensive 2003 ~ By Christine Toy Johnson
Externalizing the Obstacle ~ By Jessica Cerullo & Ragnar Freidank
To the Actor, Croatian Edition ~ By Suzana Nikolic

>> Download MICHA News – 2003-2004
Opening Doors at “The Meeting Point” ~ By Dawn Arnold
New York City June Intensive 2003 ~ By Scott Mendelsohn
The Element of Time in Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard ~ By Marc Gordon
Chekhov’s Studios from Moscow to Hollywood ~ Lisa Byckling
The Archetype is the Will Force of the Character ~ Lenard Petit