Michael Chekhov Archive

Researchers at the Michael Chekhov archive at the University of Windsor

Deirdre Hurst du Prey’s archive
Deirdre Hurst du Prey studied with Michael Chekhov and transcribed most all of his classes and lectures from 1935 – 1942. Her notes comprise an archive that consists of approximately 500 lessons. Copies of the archive are housed in 3 locations; the Devon Records Office in Exeter, England (formerly held at Dartington Hall), New York Public Library’s Library of the Performing Arts, and the University of Windsor, Canada.  The archive in the United States (New York) also houses some of Chekhov’s original scripts.

The following links to Deirdre’s archive may provide assistance to anyone committed to further research.

USA, New York Public Library
Canada, University of Windsor

England, Devon records office

Georgette Boner
Georgette Boner was Chekhov’s assistant during his time in Europe. Her archive at Zurich University is primarily in German. There are some materials in French and English.

Zurich University
To search on this site go to Quicklinks Medien- und Informationszentrum, Archiv – Sammlung/Archive online then type in: Georgette Boner

Dartington Hall
Michael Chekhov first visited Dartington in 1935, and established his Chekhov Theatre Studio the following year with twenty two students. The archive at Dartington includes numerous images from Chekhov’s years in Devon.
Dartington Hall Trust

MICHA keeps an archive of articles, relevant correspondence and unpublished or published research. This archive is made available during our annual International Workshops. If you have material that you would like housed in our archive please contact us.